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Garlic Growers - Ribbon Road Farm Continues Decade-Long Operation

October 5, 2011 By Scott Shelters (sshelters at post-journal.com)

alanrammThe mere mention of garlic throughout October would make many think of the various Halloween-related myths surrounding the vegetable.

That's not the case for the employees of Ribbon Road Farm in Sherman. Owners Alan and Kathleen Ramm may spend a little more time with garlic than most area citizens. However, their garlicgrowing operation has nothing to do with vampires or werewolves. For the Ramms, garlic growing began as a simple part of a busy life 10 years ago, when they moved to Lyons Road after living in South Africa for 14 years.

"I'm really a chemical engineer and a consultant to a lot of companies," said Ramm. "This garlic and herb thing was just kind of a fun hobby."

He didn't think anything more than that of garlic when he and his wife first returned to the United States, moving into the house once owned by his grandparents. "I bought 5 pounds of elephant garlic and 5 pounds of reddish garlic from a guy in Westfield, who had been growing garlic for many years," he said. "We planted it, and it did really well." At that point, the Ramms' hobby spun out of control. "We started expanding it," he said. "Friends would come and say, 'Can we have some garlic?' We'd give it to them. They started to have their friends come, so we said, 'Well, we'll sell garlic to you,' so we started selling it. We just had more and more of a demand," Ramm said. "As hobbies go, you can sometimes get in over your head. It just kept getting bigger."

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