Ribbon Road Farm

Creamy Cheese and Black Garlic Dip

Adding black garlic to most dips really kicks the dip up a notch


1 8oz pkg of cream cheese; 1 pint of sour cream; Half to one tablespoon of creamed horseradish (according to taste); 2 cloves of Ribbon Road Farm Premium Black Garlic – chopped; 3 tablespoons of fresh chives – snipped; Salt and black pepper


Place all the ingredients with the exception of the creamed horseradish and snipped chives, into a food

processor. Process until smooth. Season to taste with salt and black pepper. Add the creamed horseradish

according to taste. Stir in the snipped chives.

Strawberries with Black Garlic

A dessert with garlic??  You have to try this to believe how delicious it is


12 large strawberries; 3-4 cloves of Ribbon Road Farm Premium Black Garlic; whipped cream or mascarpone; castor sugar and vanilla


Purée 1 clove of the black garlic and add to the whipped cream (or mascarpone) with sugar & vanilla.  Plate out the mixture.  Slice strawberries and arrange on the plated mixture.  Grate black garlic over the top.  Optional - Add some grated dark chocolate as well.

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