Ribbon Road Farm

Monster Roasting Garlic

Our Monster Roasting Elephant garlic is over twice the size of its largest cousins and has a milder taste, but with a sharp onion-like edge to it. It averages five very large cloves that are somewhat yellowish compared to the milky whiteness of other garlic cloves.  It stores very hard and clean and much longer than other garlic.  Even when separated into individual cloves, it will store about a year at room temperature.

The bulb wrappers on elephant garlic are intact only on freshly harvested bulbs. After a few months they seem to evaporate, leaving bare or almost bare bulbs, but that does not affect its storability or its flavor.

Our Monster Roasting garlic is so mild you can take a whole bulb of it and slice the cloves into quarter inch thick steaks, sauté or grill them in butter or olive oil, and serve them as a vegetable. But beware! The more you chop it the stronger it becomes.

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